Tom Jordan

That’s me. Born in Birmingham, I lived in the area my whole life, and I am now a history undergraduate at the University of Birmingham. More about me as a person is described below and will also be shared in posts.

My Blog

I originally intended to create a blog solely to provide a commentary on the political issues that interest me, but, after reflection, I realised that a purely political blog would fail to capture the entirety of my views and the thoughts and motivations behind them.

The name of the blog, Creed and Craft, is taken from the title of Beatrice Webb’s unfinished autobiography. Webb is one of my greatest inspirations, but I felt the title also reflects the dual nature of my blog, sharing the ‘creed’ of my political and personal views, and the ‘craft’ of my academic and political work.

My Creed

It’s important to note that my writing comes from an unapologetically left-wing slant, though I would not describe myself with any one tag, with my influences ranging from Webb to Trotsky and J S Mill to Foucault, with countless more in between and outside of those.

I am also an atheist and a vegan, and whilst these aspects of my life are not central to my politics, they are of great importance to me, and I will write about these subjects from time to time.

My Craft

As stated, I am a history student in Birmingham, and my academic life plays a central part in shaping my political and philosophical perspective. I hope to periodically share aspects of my course with you, in a way that is accessible and insightful.

Another aspect of my ‘craft’ is my political work. I have been a member of the Labour party since 2014 and have volunteered in various capacities since then, including work in two general election campaigns. The Labour party is of great importance to me, and I will undoubtedly talk about it often, but my views are unequivocally my own.

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