Inspired by… Beatrice Webb

In this series, I will be writing about women, past and present, who inspire me and whom I believe deserve to be celebrated. My principle motivation in starting this series began with a desire to highlight some of the women throughout history, outside of the narrow perspective we are exposed to in the media. I realise there is some irony in a man writing about women’s history and women today, but as a proud feminist, I hope that my posts will make the point that these women aren’t just inspiring to women and girls, but should be heroes to men too, and celebrated by all of us.

The first woman to feature in this series is one of my greatest heroes, social reformer, Labour titan, and inspiration for the name of this blog, Beatrice Webb. In this post I will attempt to provide some insight into her life and work, how she is remembered and why she should not be forgotten, and to share with you why she is a hero to me.Read More »